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2015 (2)

August (1)

Michael's Married: I just wanted to share the news that Michael got married on August 15, 2015.  He is an 11 year brai...

April (1)

Michael J. Hartley, Esq.: Hi Everyone, just had to share the news.  Michael has just been notified that he has passed the Mas...

2014 (1)

March (1)

An Update on Michael: ~~On June 12, 2004 our family was awoken by our then six month old Yorkie.   We went to our sons...

2013 (5)

June (2)

Nine Years Cancer Free!: Nine years ago today Michael got suddenly ill. Through the years we have grown closer than ever. I w...
Scholarship for Michael!!!: Congratulations to Michael for receiving one of the two 2013 Law Alumni Association Scholarships ...

April (1)

Michael's running for Admin. VP at Law School: Well, Michael continues to amaze.  He is currently running for Administrative Vice President at his...

March (2)

Happy Birthday Michael: Happy 22nd Birthday Michael. Love, Mom (Laura) ...
Michael's Journey Continues: Michael Hartley is going to be 22 years old on March 6, 2013 as he continues to celebrate life in p...

2010 (4)

November (1)

College going great for Michael: Michael is in his second year of college now and doing great!!! We just keep praying....

August (2)

6 Years Cancer Free!!!: Michael's MRI results were clean! Thank you so much for your prayers. This makes 6 years cancer free...
Michael's yearly MRI is coming up: Hi Everyone, I don't post often but I have been sick to my stomach for weeks. Thursday morning i...

June (1)

Michael's yearly MRI is coming up: Hi, Here we are another year, thank God. Michael is due for his yearly MRI and I am worried sick...

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June 2, 2010

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Lincoln, Rhode Island

March 6, 1991

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Brain Cancer


June 12, 2004

Stage 1

Grade 2




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