An Update on Michael

~~On June 12, 2004 our family was awoken by our then six month old Yorkie.   We went to our sons’ room where the puppy slept to find my oldest son, Michael, then 13, covered in vomit.  When trying to wake him we realized Michael was incoherent and couldn’t even stand.  We immediately dialed 911.  Once at the hospital and after many tests we were told that our son, Michael, had a ruptured brain tumor.  We were in shock as Michael had no signs previous to this.  Our lives were turned upside down instantly.  Will Michael survive?  Michael went in for emergency brain surgery as his tumor was bleeding.  After several hours in the operating room Michael was in Pediatric Intensive Care where he remained for a week.  We had no idea how Michael would or if Michael would recover.  Michael was then moved to a regular room before heading to a rehab hospital for three (3) months.  When Michael arrived at the rehab hospital all he could do was open his eyes.  While at the hospital he had therapy to learn to eat, speak and walk again.  Michael came home in September of 2004 in a wheelchair.  He wasn’t able to do much for himself but we were determined to help him and do whatever it took.  Michael had to miss 8th grade, however, he was receiving outpatient therapy and tutoring.  Michael returned to school in 9th grade without staying back.  He was able to return to school with his class in a wheelchair.  He had lost much mobility but his intelligence was in tact.  Michael graduated from high school on June 12, 2009.

Michael is now 23 years old.  He graduated from Rhode Island College with a double major and a minor and doing this in 3 years.  He now attends Roger Williams University Law School and will actually graduate in December of 2014, a semester early!  He has also gotten engaged!  Even though Michael now walks with a walker, he never lets that stop him and he never looked back.  Michael continues to inspire everyone he meets. He is an amazing young man and certainly is a miracle.  June 12, 2014 will be 10 years for Michael.  Michael remains cancer free!


Becky threw a punch at your cancer.
Faithsmom sent you a prayer.
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I am so happy for you and for Michael. He sounds amazing. Congrats.
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Thank you very much!
well my friend you inspire me. god bless you and your family. p.s. don't forget the yorkie lol I got two of them.
Thank You
Oh brownie is very special to our family.
Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story. Sounds like Michael has a great family and support system so there are many of you to take credit in his incredible journey.
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Thank you very much. He has an amazing younger brother and sister. His brother decided to become a nurse after all of this. He will make a fantastic nurse one day.
Thank you for sharing Michael's amazing story. He is an inspiration and will certainly give lots of hope to others as they start their cancer journey. Wishing Michael a long life full of happiness.
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Thank you so very much. We have been blessed. I wish everyone the same..........
What a remarkable, heart-warming story. I wish Michael a long, happy life.

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he's doing so well! this fills me with hope
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Ben, you should have hope. You sound like you are doing great and I will pray for you. We have been blessed to have Michael here today to give hope to others. Contact me if you ever need to chat. Laura, Michael's mom
This post is encouraging.
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